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School Science Fair 2016

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By Mohammad Aijaz of Grade 10

Recently, a science fair was held L’ecole for Advanced Studies. The presentation and effort put into it was remarkable.

The exhibition was held in the Stratford hall. Temporary stalls were built to accommodate various exhibits. MYP students made several projects, including a life size model of the human body, visually demonstrating internal organs. The most innovative MYP project however was the solar microwave oven; It was used to cook eggs and even make popcorn!

A project that the students thoroughly enjoyed being a part of was the sustainable energy bicycle. The bike was altered to produce electricity through turbines, promoting environmentally friendly production of energy. It was a personal favorite at the science fair when the bicycle’s headlights would start to glow through the use of kinetic energy.

The exhibition lasted for about four hours and was attended by many parents. The winner (drum roll) was the Rubens tube project made by 10th and 11th graders. It was so cool to see a visual representation of sound energy.

The science fair was a success in every way; L’ecole strives to encourage events like this, so that the students can learn more from them.

Click here to see more pictures of the science fair


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