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By Anusheh Raheem
The Parent Teacher Meeting was held on the 28th of October. It was attended by several parents. Parents were provided with maps and were guided by the student council towards the respective rooms – the school cafeteria, the library, and the conference room.

This meeting helped to create a healthy relationship between the teachers and the parents. It helped the parents understand their child’s performance more coherently and allowed them to examine their children’s work in great detail. The parents were shown their child’s test week papers and their respective results. By recognizing their child’s weaknesses and strengths, parents will now too be able to help support their child’s academic performance and further help improve their discipline.

Although some students were saddened by their results, there were many who were quite satisfied and ecstatic; they were motivated by their performance and their teachers’ encouragement, which reflected their tireless efforts.

Thus, the PTM proved to be of great importance for teachers, parents, and students.

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