About L'ecole


L’école (French for “The School”) is the brainchild of the visionary, educationist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and classical singer, Ms. Raheel Khan.  It aims to provide a learning environment that encourages high expectation for academic success.  It celebrates the pursuit of long life learning and remains committed to nurturing high self esteem and respect for others.  It is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of individual students to nurture creativity, curiosity and critical thinking.  L’ecole strives to gear its students with confidence, self discipline and courage to guide them towards intellectual growth  and spiritual awareness so they may contribute as effective members of society.

L’ecole offers the following academic programmes.


Les Pommes (French for “The Apples”) offers preschool education.
– Playgroup
– Montessori
– Pre-Kindergarten
– Kindergarten


School Section offers primary and secondary education.
– Primary Year Programme (Grades 1 – 5)
– Middle Year Programme (Grades 6 – 8)O-Level Programme (Grades 9 – 11)


Undergraduate Programme offers post-secondary education.
– The Foundation Programme
– Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE)
– Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Message from the Principal

Your time as a student is one of the most exciting and challenging periods of your life, so choosing the right institution is an important decision.  This website will give an overview of life at L’ecole.  We believe that the success of a student depends on a triad (a group of three); the motivated parent who shares this vision, the inspired student who wants to struggle and make the effort to achieve it and a galvanized teacher / administration that has geared itself for the purpose.  This is the dream we live by.  I do hope that you, who are reading this, feel the same flutter in your heart. 

For me, L’ecole is a special place that attracts and welcomes all those who are also very special, those who excel in academic and want to be recognized as cultured human beings.  We have evolved immensely over the last 17 years.  Not only have we managed to rigorously prepare our students in academics but we have also created an environment to mature and acquire social skills to deal successfully with students’ professional and social responsibilities.  We have given our student a sense of security and belonging.  An ongoing process.  We keep aiming for higher targets every year, achieve and aim even higher – that is also what we inculcate in our students.  We teach them to dream and work towards making it come true.


Ms. Raheel Khan, Principal

Fast Facts

  • L’ecole was established in August 1998 as an independent educational institution.
  • International degree courses are offered in partnership with the University of London International Programme.
  • The Administrative committee consists of the Executive Director, Director of Operations, Dean of Studies, Director of International Programmes, Headmistress and Senior Coordinators
  • Over 5,000 alumni across all programmes.
  • Located on a beautifully designed campus in Phase 8 DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.

We believe in the intrinsic worth of every individual. All humans have the ability to learn and each learn in different way. We provide different strategies and techniques to nurture the love of learning in every student.


The dignity and self-worth of every person must be balanced with the needs of society. Understanding the values of honesty, modesty and self-discipline, we pledge to build and inspire respect, including an acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity.


Personal responsibility is a key to self-development we monitor appropriate behavior in order to acquire motivation for students to become self sufficient and compassionate as productive citizens.


We are committed to promoting trust through free and honest dialogue and debate to show that differences can be resolved through understanding, communication and compromise.


We help students build resourcefulness in order to assert themselves in society. For this purpose, students are encouraged to get internships during the winter and summer vacation. Through different societies and clubs, students participate in planning, decision making and implementing.


To stimulate learning and nurture interpersonal skills we stream upon the importance of teamwork and in the dynamics of working in large and small groups.


We believe that success is built upon solid bonds between the triad, students, teachers and parents, but we also recognize community as a crucial partner in the education process.

Let’s start building your future with us.