Student Life

A most enlightening experience during your most important years.

We have designed a system of operation that concentrates most on individual attention and learning.  Simultaneously, a holistic approach is applied across the curriculum so that both multipotentialites (people with multiple interests and expertise) and specialists may be discovered.  We strongly believe no two children to be the same or have similar aptitudes and ability.  Each child must be given complete exposure to a world of infinite possibilities so that he/she may choose his/her interests and passions in the most informed manner.  We strive to “guide” more than we “train” our students.

This section will highlight some of the activities our students engage in over the course of the academic year.  For more information, schedule a visit and we would love to share more about the enlightening experience at L’ecole.

Here at L’ecole we believe Sports and Athletics is a pivotal part of a child’s upbringing and is in alignment with L’ecoles core values, we believe in educating the whole student and promote multiple-sport participation.

Fundamental Principles of Athletics

  • Empowering the Competitor within each Student Athlete
  • Promoting Integrity, Perseverance, Sportsmanship and Passing
  • Nurturing Individual Growth while Building Team Unity
  • Competing with Courage and Purpose

Sports Played at L’ecole









With a plethora of books to choose from, and computers to assist with research, our library is ensured to give you a complete solution on any project or task you aim to achieve, a professional yet comfortable atmosphere to facilitate the needs of our students.

Let’s start building your future with us.